Museum displays tomorrow + spelling quiz available in Seesaw

We had a busy day today finishing up our museum displays. We’re all ready to show them off to each other tomorrow. Perhaps we can get Mrs. Baggio’s class to come and visit on Friday so that we can widen our audience. 😄

Spelling quizzes are marked and available in Seesaw. If you haven’t signed up for Seesaw yet please let me know and I can pass along your child’s unique sign up sheet. Seesaw is a digital portfolio system allowing parents to check student work and marks via notifications to your smartphone or computer.

Our podcast will be back up and running tomorrow. The podcast crew has been busy preparing for a meeting with our principal Mrs. Mcvittie in an attempt to take the podcast school wide. I’m so proud of them!

LOL I love this! 😊

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This dance focus is quickly becoming my favourite part of the day! 😂

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Hard work in math! 😃

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